Fort Henry Guard Club of Canada


Created in 1938, the Fort Henry Guard was the brainchild of Ronald Way, the Director of Fort Henry from 1936 to 1965.  His revolutionary idea to put costumed interpreters on the site to inform and entertain visitors was new at the time, and is now considered an essential part of virtually every major historic site.

The Guard represents the British Army in Canada in 1867.  The year 1867 was chosen as the date to interpret for two reasons.  First, Way felt that the year in which Canada became a nation should be commemorated.  Second, the British army converted from the 150-year-old “Brown Bess” musket to the Snider-Enfield breech-loading rifle in 1867 and Way thought it would be a good weapon to interpret. 

For more than 80 years, the Fort Henry Guard has earned an international reputation for its performance of precision military drill.  During the famous Sunset Ceremonies that take place at Fort Henry each summer, the Drums, Squad, and Artillery come together to bring the fort to life.

Located in Kingston, Ontario, Fort Henry itself was built between 1832 and 1837.  Today, this national historic site is administered by Parks Canada and operated by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission as a living museum.



Our Board of Directors



Alex McLean (FHG 2100), President

Chris Dearlove (FHG 1692), Vice President

John Grenville (FHG 750), Secretary & Treasurer

Daniel Rose (FHG 2186), Archivist

Michelle Foxton (FHG 1670), Past President



Matthew Archibald (FHG 1826)

Greg Gouthro (FHG 1863)

Rob Hamilton (FHG 1741)

Tom Little (FHG 593)

Sean O’Donnell (FHG 1737)

Christy O’Neill (FHG 1761)

Cameron Smith (FHG 2358)

FHGCC Registrar

Pat Murphy (FHG 1261)


The Fort Henry Guard Club of Canada’s Code of Conduct can be found here.