We are saddened to learn that David Vrooman, FHG 513, passed away on January 31 at the age of 81.  Martin Blaser, FHG 1022, shared some memories of Dave via Facebook:

Dave received his guard number in 1961 and was one of the few among us to attend the Royal Tournament held at Earls Court exhibition building in London England. Dave once told us “Queen’s Meds and football were a large part of the Squad and U of T music students were a major part of the Drums” during his time with the Guard. “We were very lucky in our timing to be a part of the Royal Tournament experience.”

Here’s a photo of Dave and some of his comrades on the plane heading to London in 1963, with Dave sitting left front, Bob Lawrence (FHG 524) sitting directly behind Dave, Lawrie Garnett ( FHG 436) sitting right front, Paul Munroe ( FHG 480) on the right side in the dark t-shirt and Dick Gates (FHG 498) standing waving his arms.

We extend our condolences to Dave’s wife Rosemary, their four children, and seven grandchildren.

Kingston Whig-Standard obituary.